You Can’t Do It All: 5 Ways Of Becoming A Mighty Mumpreneur


Motherhood is a beautiful feeling and having the time to create a strong bond between the mother and child is priceless. Yet some mothers find a higher self-satisfaction to be able to mother a child while chasing after their personal dreams. Mompreneur is the 21st-century term to describe those woman who goes after her dreams by starting a business.

With digital communication evolution and work from home opportunities, mums are given the chance to dive into the field of business. While it takes practice and time to meet the work-life balance, here are a few tips to help you achieve the success you want at work and at home as a successful mompreneur!

1) Make Something Out Of Your Passion

Turning passion into money is one healthy way to start a business as its something familiar and planning a strategy to monetize your interest is relatively easier than starting from scratch with an unfamiliar product. If you know what you want, going after it takes a seamless step forward with a realistic plan and enough financial resources to back it up.

2) Structure & Efficiency

So you’ve got the idea of turning your passion into a business. What’s next in the guide to success? Structuring and managing. Being a mom is a full-time job thus every second in between the hectic routine should not be wasted.

Having a calendar, seeking support from your partner, scheduling and simply writing your task and fitting in a manageable task for your business along the way is one of many ways to go. Remember, there isn’t such thing as an overnight success. Everything takes time and with the right attitude and mindset, the journey will be smoother.

3) Get A-Team

There are various sides to businesses. Just like having a baby and needing a partner to segregate the work task, you’ll need a team to help a business reach its full potential who can leverage your strengths and uphold you in areas of your weakness so that your business will grow, develop and thrive. Know your strength and seek for consultation, help or guidance in areas that are not under your expertise in order to get your goal up and running!

4) Understand the Context Of The New Era

Working hard to reach your goals isn’t the game plan. It’s understanding where the money is, keeping up with the world’s demand and fitting your business in that circle while using the help of technology advancement to be time-efficient and smart is the way to go.

5) Don’t Be Afraid To Fall

There are many aspects to consider as a mum leaning towards entrepreneurship. Staying positive and accepting less rewarding results to seek for a greater result is how to champion mumpreneurs go about!

One of the ways to avoid feeling helpless in this mumpreneur journey is to look to other mompreneurs farther along in their journey. The best models for the success you want are other moms who have already traveled over the rough terrain. Ask questions and listen with interest to understand common mistakes so you can avoid them or minimize the damage.


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