Batik Boutique empowering artisans across Malaysia


The Batik Boutique started with a friendship between two women.

In 2009, Amy Blair became friends with Ana, a single mother who at the time was facing some financial difficulties and looking for ways to support her family. To help overcome the economic hardship, they began to brainstorm the various ways Ana could earn an income.

After finding out that Ana was able to sew, they bought some batik fabric that Ana transformed into gorgeous gifts that Amy gave to family and friends. Soon, word spread and with it came demand.

With the relentless persistence and perseverance, the beautiful partnership has developed into a social enterprise producing high quality, hand-made Batik products made by artisans in Malaysia.

Amy founded The Batik Boutique in the belief that women like Ana deserved a fair and sustainable income, and the ability to provide for themselves and their families. With their vision to empower hundreds of artisans like Ana, The Batik Boutique works with family businesses and batik artisans in Malaysia to supply their fabrics and hand-dyed textiles.

Today, more than 150 artisans have worked with Batik Boutique to acquire marketable skills and obtain equitable income to support themselves and their families. Batik Boutique provides their seamstresses a remunerative job, where they set their own wage and hours to have a career which satisfies their financial needs.

In 2015, the company established a sewing center in the community to help with childcare and transportation issues. It is a safe space where their artisans can live in, to make working more convenient and accessible.

Batik is an ancient, traditional art that has been carried forward and practiced for thousands of years. Originated from Indonesia, this art form uses wax to create intricate and amazing textile designs that tell stories and expressions. The complex dyeing process forms elaborate patterns that are one of a kind.

It’s like wearing art!

Now, in 2021, The Batik Boutique continues to work with rural and urban artisans throughout Malaysia to produce unique, hand-made, high quality fashion and gifts with a cause – empowering artisans in Malaysia that are known and loved by customers all over the world.

Each purchase helps weave a global impact story.

If you have questions, get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll fill you in with the details.


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