The Expat Fairs knows entrepreneurship to be a very real, lucrative path for women to take control of their career and their family at the same time.

Our CEO Betty Ashman‘s mompreneurship handbook, Make It Happen, details these four major reasons that make entrepreneurship far more valuable than the norm of corporate employment:

  1. Flexibility, not only in managing time between work and family, but also the autonomy over every aspect of your career.
  2. Fulfilment in handling your own work-life balance, and customising what you’re aiming for – a rarity in the bureaucracy of corporate careers.
  3. Generating passive income alongside your labour output, in potential avenue streams like royalties, licensing and advertising.
  4. Ownership of your business, assets and your life – whether or not you have the capacity to work.

Here at The Expat Fairs and our associated artisanal platform, Club Artisans, we create offline and online venues for entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses to thrive. We seek to provide support with sourcing, sales avenues, business insight and more.

We love to hear from, and support both new and seasoned entrepreneurs in every aspect of our own female-owned business.