Fair FAQs

When can I come in for set-up?

In general we will send you a set up guidelines via email, approximately 5 business days prior to the fair.

Will the space be locked after a certain time?

The venue timings will be outlined in the set up guidelines sent to you via email, approximately 5 business days prior to the fair.

Can I display a clothing rack next to my stall? (size X x X)?

Yes, if you purchase a 6ft table or larger and tell us in special requests when registering that you do not want us to put the physical table.

I will need to bring my own table between 1.5-1.8 m long for my setup. Do I have to use your table only?

You may bring your own table. Please ensure that it fits the same area space as your booking. Also remember to state this in your booking form ‘remarks’ column so that my operations team will be informed.

How do I apply for credit card facility at the fair?

Fill in your bank account details into the booking form. It has to be a Singapore banking account.

What’s the process?

At the fair, vendor will issue an order sheet to the customer and direct the customer to the Expat Fairs service counter where they will make payment via credit card The customer will then be issued with a (1) transaction receipt for themselves and (2) a copy that will be returned to the vendor.
Lastly Expat Fairs will keep a (3) transaction copy for ourselves. The customer will then return to the vendor’s counter and exchange the goods purchased.
Approx 3 weeks after the event, the total transaction amount minus 6% will be banked in directly to the Vendor’s account and finance dept will inform vendor via email Expat Fairs Pte Ltd charges 6% for this service

I still have some questions for you about the space. I attached a photo I found on your Facebook page from one of your previous fairs.

That photo was taken one of our other fairs and our entire table options are the same at each venue do to the shape and size of the various venues we use.

Also is it possible to not have a big table but a small one where I could just put my business card and a catalogue?

If you book a 6ft table, you may put a request in the remarks column of your booking form for us to physically provide a 3ft table as you need raw space.

We will cover the goods with a cloth but as they are very expensive, we need to make sure that it’s safe for us to leave them overnight for a few days.

Please bring your own cloth / covers / canvas to cover your goods. It is up to the vendor to do this task.

Are there any other vendors doing similar trade as mine?

Due to the nature of markets, there are often different brands selling similar items. When accepting applications, we ensure that each category is not oversold to that each vendor has a fair opportunity to sell their products.

When is your next fair?

Please check our website for our fair schedule or talk to us on the day.

May I find out if there are still slots any other of your fairs in the future?

Yes, please check our website or speak to us at the fair.