The Journey to the Perfect Home


When looking for your dream home, there seem to be a million and one challenges to overcome. Combing through multiple property listings, endless house visitations, detailed budget planning and dealing with multiple documentations, just to name a few. As an expat, you might even be tempted to settle for less, thinking that since you won’t be staying here permanently anyway, you might as well put an end to the housing headache.

For a temporary stay in Singapore, renting is actually an ideal way for you to find the perfect residence in the right location and for the right pricing during your time here. And it doesn’t even have to be a struggle. With Far East Organization, the largest private residential landlord in Singapore, your renting experience can be made easier, more efficient and even enjoyable. If you’ve been having trouble in the search for your perfect home, you’ve come to the right place. Drawing on our years of expertise in helping customers discover their dream home, here are some tips that should ease the search for yours.

1. Know Who You Can Rely On

When making the huge decision of renting a property, it is absolutely crucial that you never feel like you’re alone. In Far East Organization, you have a corporate landlord you know you can rely on. As a customer-centric organization, we strive to ensure impartial service commitment to each and every one of our customers, always putting your needs first.

The Far East advantage is a dedicated and professional leasing team with a proven track record, providing a range of services and resources simply unattainable through private landlords. Our response line for urgent repairs is open 24/7, exhibiting our faithful commitment to making sure you and your house are always in good hands, helping you feel at home away from your home country. No matter what issues you face concerning your rented home, from leasing matters to everyday situations, we are just one call away.

2. Know Your Needs and Wants

Before jumping headfirst into the property market, you have to know what you need and want for your ideal home. If you don’t know what exactly constitutes a dream home for you, you might end up having a hard time finding one.

Here are some ideas to jumpstart your considerations: if you need to have a community to connect with to maintain an active social life, you should narrow your search to residences with gated communities, such as condos and cluster houses. But if you have a family with small children and need enough space for peace and quiet when you get home, a bungalow would probably be a better fit. Alternatively, if you have a green thumb and want to keep your own outdoor garden, a condo might not be the best option; but if you love working out and would be enthralled by the convenience of gym and pool facilities at your doorstep, you should be looking at condos! Some things are just more personally necessary to your happiness and wellbeing than to others, and after all, it won’t be a dream home if your basic needs and wants aren’t met.

Far East Organization has a selection of various residential types available for rent, such as condominiums, cluster houses, bungalows and conservation terraces. Whatever diverse needs and wants your lifestyle requires, there’s always something for everyone.

Even though Singapore is a small island, it has a large assortment of attractions to experience throughout its four different regions. Divided into the zones of central, north, east and west, each part of Singapore has its own unique highlights to explore. The Central Region is known for being the heart of Singapore’s bustling city centre and Central Business District, while the North Region has more to offer in terms of nature hotspot and parks. The West Region covers an expansive land area with large housing estates in its districts, while the East Region is known for its array of outdoor recreation and water facilities.

Finding your ideal home amidst such a wide variety of areas could present a bit of a challenge, but thankfully, Far East has got you covered. With residences located in the most sought-after districts all over Singapore, it’s only a matter of time before you find the house that suits your individual lifestyle needs, in an area where you feel you truly belong. You can take your pick of properties islandwide without worry.

The search for the perfect home is definitely no walk in the park, but now that you’ve established a clearer idea of what is important to you, you’re on good footing to a successful journey. Don’t wait another day to discover the exquisite collection of properties available with Far East Organization, and take another step closer to the future of living in your dream home.

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