How Do We Keep The Mind Fit & Healthy


Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes along with it. Mental decline is common, and it’s one of the most feared consequences of aging. But we’re to tell you that there are ways to keep the mind fit & healthy with a few simple steps.

1) Resist the Lazy Route

Lifestyle in 2019 is all about efficiency. From making a call without needing to manually key in the number to getting to a destination using GPS instead of capturing a landmark in your memory for future purposes, when do we use our mind to solve an issue these days?

Participating in board games or sudoku and picking up skills like cooking or gardening are among many other ways to get your hands dirty and energy lifted resulting in a fresh and happy mind.

2) Practise Child-Like Curiosity

Remember the time when your kid asked you “why is the sky blue?” and the cow brown or the grass, green? Young children learn to crawl and walk out of pure curiosity. As soon as they can speak, they ask adults questions.

Does that stop when you’re older and relatively well-informed? Not really. Curiosity is one of the strongest human traits and easily an enlightening one, as well as they, say “you never stop learning” so if you don’t know somehting no matter your age, find out, better without depending on google right away and yourself. Remember, the power is within you.

3) Tame The Stress

Stress is a man’s true company, most would say. And when you’re alone in bed at night, the thoughts in your head would overpower your mind resulting in a sleepless night and the routine just goes on. Meditation is one way go thoughtless while keeping the mind precise enough to direct towards what’s important for you.

Exercising is another way, agreed by science to shrink one’s mind to gain a different perspective on the situation. During exercise, the heart will pump more blood as you’d try to focus on your breathing to keep you moving and eventually the muscles loosen resulting in your body and mind syncing to create a workout flow. What happens to the stress? It becomes detached as there a bigger things like being present to appreciate the simplicity of life.

4) Reconnect With Nature

Nature Heals. Humans evolved with nature so as much as shopping or watching tv can divert the attention for a hot minute, our connection with nature has a lasting positive effect on our mind. Being immersed in nature is equally meditative as there’s nothing to think about when you’re surrounded by such natural beauty and all thoughts, past, and future seize.

Tropical Rainforest, Australia

5) Get Moving

Just Do It.

Being an adult compartmentalize us to various responsibilities and we’d wonder how can one person juggle it all. Believe it or not, one can have a rewarding career, a stable relationship with others and themselves while keeping the mind and spirit alive and well.

How? By just doing what they gotta do, ticking off the list, moving forward and relaxing once in a while. If you’re anxious about the future or worrying about what has happened (past), find peace living in the present without compromising on responsibilities. No Fear!


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