5 Best Picks At Sustainable September Fair


Looking for stylish, yet ethical and sustainable clothing brands? Come over and shop till you drop at the Sustainable September Fair as we’re ready to fuel you for a HUGE weekend of shopping small and eco-friendly while having plenty of snacks to fuel you on the side!

Kicking off the 7th of September from 1 PM, we’re thrilled to once again allow so many talented Local and International artisans a weekend to showcase their side hustles, small businesses, and gutsy start-ups! Here’s a sneak peek of most loved Singaporean brands lined up for this season.

Ubu Swimwear

Sick of tossing away swimwear that doesn’t last more than a few trips to the beach? Ubu Swimwear, has undergone a sustainable mission to provide beach bums, active swimwear great in coverage and support while being comfortable and trendy at the same time. No more tossing away when these babies are meant to last for a long time to come. Local brand ftw!

Indiigo Culture

n Whose into batik prints? Indiigo Culture works hand in hand with unique artisanal communities to bring you some splash come colors and batik prints to your mundane wardrobe with pieces that will get you feeling like a million bug all year different season. Blending the richness of Asian culture with creativity,
Indiigo is one way to wander into the world of art.

Reckless Ericka

If you’re into Batik prints and funky designs,Rekcless Ericka serves! Skip the ironing routine with Reckless Ericka. She can be both feminine and powerful from day to night no matter where she’s at. Brought to you by local artists, expect a little touch of Southeast Asian influence, pop of color and lots of fun to give your bright personality a boost.

Bare For Bare

If you’re in the pursuit of natural skincare, Bare For Bare is here to show you its kind world. Encompassed of holistic and botanical element fusing together through essentials oils and organic ingredients, this affordable Singaporean brand is all about offering a calming experience for your daily ritual of caring for yourself.

Truth & All

The truth that is relevant today is that fashion shouldn’t cost the earth even when it comes to protecting your eyes. Truth & All wanted to see the bright future from a sustainable vision hence ventured into producing eyewear made by craftsmen in Greece that are made for you to dance in all day long without slipping 😉


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