Betty Ashman: 5 Reason Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is an area that is dominated by men yet women have torn down barriers, broken glass ceilings and pushed boundaries, subsequently opening doors and creating opportunities for more women in their industries. Here’s Betty Ashman, the Director of TheExpatFairs on why women make great entrepreneurs.

1)Paying Attention To Detail

Many women have a remarkable ability to call out small mistakes and errors that may affect the business at a later date, maintaining and enhancing the overall quality of business processes.

From small things such as making sure emails are replied to professionally and promptly or the proper labeling of key files and documents, to the bigger things like ensuring payments come in on time and monitoring cash flow, women are great managers of quality assurance throughout the key processes of a business.

2) They can do more things at once

Mastering the art of work like blend, women successfully don multiple hats at any given point in time hence multitasking is a part of life when it comes to dreaming big as a woman. Being an entrepreneur while serving as a mum/ wife does go hand in hand when she finds the balance in their personal and professional lives making her happier and enthusiastic to achieve her goals and objectives.

3) Women Follow Their Passion

Women tend to feel strongly about what they do, and when they follow your passion, her work gets elevated beyond the ordinary, and she has the strength to go through difficult times.

The most important thing to remember is that no one is an overnight success.‘‘Following your passion’ means having the passion to work hard in hopes that something will come out of it. It could be one year, but it could also very well be ten years.

4) Being Risk Averse

While female entrepreneurs are embracing risk, they’re also more likely to be tempering their business approach with a realistic assessment of the dangers ahead – for example, four times as many women as men suggest that from a personal finance perspective, now is a bad time to take on risk.

While women are believed to be emotionally impulsive, they are also known to channel their energy into the right direction especially when they adorn responsible positions hence before any big purchase, I always ask a woman I trust for her opinion. She will be the one to spot the red flags in the opportunity that I may have missed. She will take a step back, analyze the situation and the opportunity, and provide assurance or deterrence with regards to my decision.

5) Ability To Connect

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to raise capital or planning to expand into new markets, it’s your network that can help you take your business to the next level. Women with a stronger network means will be better resourced throughout the life of the venture. By leveraging their connections, they will have to reinvent the wheel less and learn fewer lessons the hard way.


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