Top Preschools In Singapore


So when its time for you little kiddos to head of to pre-school, how do we decide what’s best for them? Do we spend more to be assured of the best environment? We don’t think so as we’ve sourced out some of the top preschools in Singapore without a hefty price tagging along.

Besides being academically and athletically thriving, the goals for young parents seemed to take a shift for their children to become globally aware. Now, what are global children? Children who learn to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures and in other countries that shape them to thrive in a world that is changing SO rapidly.

Kindergartens and families rather shaping how the kids should be are now guiding them to find their own purpose with their natural gifts for the future be in the working or daily life. Kids are encouraged to know what they dream of doing, what they want to achieve and to be able to solve a problem effortlessly.

Odyssey The Global Preschool

Odyssey pre-school Singapore recognizes a child uniqueness from a mental, creative and physical perspective which allows them to customize the learning style based on each tiny individuals. Known to have provided one of the very first conducive learning environment in Singapore, experience speaks volume here!

The Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum adopted by the Odyssey The Global Preschool is designed for exploratory and self-directed learning. Plus the multicultural environment Singapore attains will broaden the children’s understanding of inclusiveness in the classroom!

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Arts Kidz International Preschool

Creativity & diverse skills are much more celebrated among the new generation and this quality is at its peak at a young age. Arts Kidz International Preschool acknowledges these special qualities by dedicating a learning space for nature, science, technology, and tinkering.

Busy parents can be assured that their children are receiving exposure from different elements of life to groom them into an independent & mindful person as Arts Kidsprograms are heavily based on arts, enriched learning, meditation, and outdoor activities.

Repton Schoolhouse Singapore

Establishing a strong brand identity in the UK, Repton Schoolhouse Singapore offers both Cambridge and Singaporean combined learning programs in order for pre-schooler to get a head start in developing their potential.

They prioritize bilingualism hence students are going to learn through English and Mandarin with one on one tutoring support from the teachers. Partnering with the New Luncher could only ensure your kiddos are consuming the freshest, healthiest and delicious food in school.

Address: 321, Alexandra Central Road #03-11 Alexandra Central, Singapore 159971
Phone: +65 6252 3024

Bright Path Preschool

Early intervention and specialized therapies for children from 3 to 6 years old during early school? Right here at Bright Path Preschool, a top preschool in singapore Involving occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and psychologists to bring out the best in every child, Bright Path Pre-school could be your choice if you’re looking for extensive attention required for your child mental growth!

Every child deserves to be successful in their own ways and they’re there to guide your child into being the best version of themselves.

Address: 55 Fairways Dr, Singapore 286846
Phone: +65 6873 1777

White Lodge Singapore

Did you enjoy running around and being outdoors a kid? White Lodge Pres-school loves the idea of active and interactive learning where kids are encouraged to use tools like blocks, dramatic play, books, puzzles, water and sand to learn and play around with!

Plus its easier for young ones to transition from pre-school to primary school in Singapore as the curriculum programs prepare them for the next chapter! Occasional excursions to National Gallery and educational places just seems like the cherry on top!


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