Time for a decor change at home?


Every time a new season appears, do you get the urge to redecorate your home? Do you flick through House & Garden Magazine and think about how tired your sofa looks compared to those in the glossy pages, or how lovely the geometric bedspreads with yellow and grey accents look on the display bed at Ikea? If this is you, read on!

Changing the interior of your house can be time consuming and expensive. You can still change the style and feel of your home without renovating, painting or hiring an expensive interior designer. We are going to give you 3 top tips on how to change your interior style, without breaking the bank!

1. Pick one new piece of furniture

201311_Coffee_side_tableIf your coffee table is in an outdated style, and takes up to much room in the lounge room, then start looking online for a new shape, size or material. Often Ikea has a great range of functional and affordable options in lots of bold colours, often with fantastic storage options. By changing a functional piece of furniture, and the rearranging your other furniture to accommodate the new piece, the room will look different and create the illusion that it’s a new room.

2. Add new accents

So your colour theme is dark wood with grey furniture. Your flooring is light and when you coordinating all the pieces at the start you love love loved the look. Now, it’s too dark and plain. The easiest and cheapest way to spice up the room is with splashes of bold colour or bespoke patterns. Adding new cushions, throw rugs, Processed with Moldivdecorative pieces or even colour coordinated candles can really make a room pop with a fresh new look and feel.  We love the idea of updating our lamps. Lampelier have collected some fabulous retro bases and also stock stylish Danish designed tripod bases to complement your shade. To add a little more flair to your lair, they can also produce cushions that can match or contrast with your lamp. Lampier stocks an extensive range of shade sizes, fabrics, trims, zippers, and cable in many patterns and colours so you can design your own bespoke Lampelier lampshade or cushion. They source beautiful fabrics from all over the world. All lampshades and cushions are handcrafted in Singapore.

3. DIY

If you are crafty, or have a flair for creative ideas, then you could try to “Do It Yourself” touch ups. You could try sewing a new cushion covers, or recovering a coffee table with decoupage (the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs). You could paint some tired wooden chairs in bright fresh colours. The ideas are endless.


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