The Prodigal Kid returns to the East.



The apple of creative parents; Kaboodle Kids relaunched as the all new and improved Kaboodle, with a wider range of creative play for kids from all ages.

Singapore, April 26, 2017. Kaboodle, a family focused creative indoor play space, opened it’s doors to engage children with multiple activities ranging from large building blocks, crafts, “Doodle Café” and sensory play. As a “build-it-yourself” space for play, Kaboodle has been providing these play activities to sneakily enhance a child’s creative intelligence and cognitive skills while allowing them to form strong social skills through interactive, physical play.

It has been widely studied that play has long term, positive effect on toddlers and children from linguistics to even having behavioural and emotional benefits, while play depravation threatens serious implications on a child’s development. Empty play grounds and mobile device addiction has become synonymous with our fast-paced technological society. Despite information now being readily available for all and a previously “grades” focused environment, it has led to the point where children are increasingly lacking the fundamental skills required to interact with the world in a meaningful way.

Tan Mui Jin, Founder of Kaboodle Pte. Ltd., a mother of three, identified the need for her to extend the creative ways she engages and challenges her children as they were growing up to enable other parents to engage their children in creative ways too. Having seen the importance of parent-child bond, Kaboodle was built on the foundation on enhancing creativity and intelligence through fun and play.

Recently, Kaboodle launched its new and improved premise in Katong Square with an aptly named campaign “Smarter through Play”. With “Smarter through Play”, Kaboodle is providing sensory play for children to engage their senses and know how to interact with the world around them, before moving on in bringing to life various crafts of imagination in their creative play area. The active play area is much bigger and exciting with ramps and curves to augment play with large blue blocks. An exciting time we live in, where children are now given the chance to creative problem solving and critical thinking skills through a fun, unassuming way to play.


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