Why Team Sports Builds Your Child’s Character


Children and playing go hand-in-hand. It doesn’t matter if they have the necessary equipment or toys to play a game with. Kids will always find a way to play amongst each other or even alone if they don’t have anyone around them. At a young age the way kids play with each other can have an impact in defining what kind of a person they will become.

Parents of school going children want their kids to excel in education. Depending on what the child likes he or she might end up picking Mathematics, Science, or History, etc. as their favorite lessons. These subjects do provide them with the knowledge they require in order to excel in their future. However, it can be argued that participating in team sports is the best way for any child to learn social interactions, and build character.Playing any team sport can instill important principles in a child. These principles have the potential of sticking with the child as they grow, and make them ready for the world ahead.

Another important character trait that a child learns from team sports is discipline. A child learns that in order to achieve a goal they have to keep working hard, and give it their best. This mindset can help a growing child achieve goals in their adult life as well. They understand the importance of discipline and hard work in relation to being successful.

Karate teaches discipline

Being part of a team enables a child to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Participating in sports that require physical effort keeps them fit. Children also realize that they need to eat healthy in order to continue being their best. As they grow up their aim of living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent them from indulging in drug use, alcohol addiction, being overweight, etc.

Coach Bernard from LJE Sports teaches teamwork

Basketball is a fantastic team sport that really encourages children to try their best, and learn the value of teamwork, respect and hard work, all the while making new friends and being healthy. Coach Bernard from LJE Sports is an attentive and supportive teacher who provides encouragement to all ball players, regardless of their skill set. With Coach Bernard’s professional background and personal touch, players will gain skills and values needed to be well-rounded individuals. Parents and children from his programs think so much of him that they nominated him for the POSB Everyday Champion Award, which he was accorded!

Teamwork is a character trait that any team sport can help develop in a child. There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘team’ and that is why every team member knows that they have to work together in order to attain a common goal. Participating in a team sport gives rise to a sense of trust and respect for others. It also helps kids overcome their shyness and build social skills. Not only that, a child can also learn what it means to be a leader.

Softball teaches focus and coordination

There’s no doubt that all of these things taught by team sports do help in establishing the groundwork required for a child to grow up into someone exhibiting an exemplary character.

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