The Soundtrack to The Experience


Imagine your life like a movie –  a thumping bass beat as you run to the last elevator before 9 o’clock. An electric guitar shreds the air as you ace that presentation. You mill in your evening wear with Hors d’oeuvres as violin strings swirl like the champagne in your glass. Voices swell into a power note as you take your beloved’s hand, gazing out the balcony to a beautiful city skyline.

Bet you’ve done that with an iPhone and some ear buds – but you can do much better than that. Why not soundtrack everyone’s experiences?

That’s exactly what clever businesses do with consumers: studies have shown that fast, loud music speeds shoppers up – crucial in supermarkets and cafes to move traffic – while slow music relaxes people and starts conversations. When you think about it, it’s pretty obvious, but the proof is in the playing. Have you ever considered using music to enliven your events?

Professional, live music entertainment at weddings, parties and corporate events create an atmosphere that mere MP3s can’t provide. Soundtrack life’s special moments with SoundGrove Musics music professionals: with an in-depth understanding of various music genres and a keen ear for what fits the your event’s groove, they’re bound to play the right tunes for the occasion.

SoundGrove Music’s in-house music consultants can customise a complete audial experience to match your event to a Ti.
With an array of artistes, they’ll make sure the best band is formed and tuned in to the atmosphere you need.

The musicians of SoundGrove are seriously fun and professional entertainers. Many are active performers at local hotspots like the Esplanade Waterfront, Victoria Theatre and Sentosa Wavehouse, and have played at international festivals like Cannes’ MIDEM Festival (France) and the Sunburst Music Festival (Malaysia).
Rest assured you’ll sing their praises by the end of the night, even if you’re tone deaf.

SoundGrove knows that no live music experience is complete without the support of an industry-recognised sound system and technician – experience clarity and quality in your mood music. The only feedback you’ll get is positive!

Your event could be an independent movie (hey, film festivals dig them) or it could be a box-office blockbuster.

Kick up the tempo of your special occasions with SoundGrove’s live musicians and make your events better than good – make them unforgettable. Get with the groove.

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