Paul Immigrations Reviews: How to Apply for Singapore PR Efficiently


Paul Immigration takes the complicated journey of applying for permanent residency and simplifies it for applicants, regardless of their backgrounds and knowledge. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the application process of applying for PR in Singapore, they’ve helped tens of thousands of individuals and families realise their dreams of making Singapore their new home since opening our doors in 2016.

Reviews show that consulting their staff has helped applicants cut to the chase and meet with the strict time frame laid out by the Singaporean authorities, making the process seamless and smooth-sailing.

Paul Immigrations help applicants in many ways, such as:

  • Understanding the immigration application process
  • Providing transparent advice and information about their eligibility
  • Giving a rundown of the steps and documents needed
  • Preparing necessary documents
  • Preparing additional documents required by the Government of Singapore
  • Organizing the documents
  • Leading through the procedure on a personal level
  • Providing customized service and personal attention
  • Providing insights and answers to their questions
  • Writing personalised cover letters regarding PR matters to relevant authorities
  • Shortening the application process
  • Providing strategic approach to dealing with complicated issues that may arise during the application process

Paul Immigration Reviews: Leading the Process

Singapore, as one of the leading Asian nations, welcomes citizens who share the country’s values and are willing to contribute to the country’s mission for its future. Applicants need to understand and embrace Singapore’s missions and visions in order to assess whether they qualify for PR status in Singapore.

The consultancy has helped tens of thousands of applicants cut through the chase with a seamless screening process and reduce unnecessary delay. With more than 100 consultants and staff ready to assist PR hopefuls, they have proven themselves as an efficient consultancy service that deals efficiently with tedious paperwork, adhere to strict time frames, dispel unfamiliarity with the process, navigate through the e-Service, and provide applicants with a personal and comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Making Applications Stand Out

With a deep understanding of the application process and what to look out for, the consultancy removes the biggest hurdle for PR applicants: lack of knowledge about the PR online application process and making them stand out.

Points of consideration that should be taken into account before and while applying for PR in Singapore includes:

  • Age factor – Singapore is a country with a growing, ageing population. Candidates stand a better chance if they’re young, active, and are experts in their field.

  • Skills Singapore is geared to welcome skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in sunrise industries.

  • Leadership Singapore takes into consideration your job before approving your applications. Managers, professionals, and those who draw a consistently high salary in their countries of origin tend to make it past the strict guidelines faster. The government, however, takes a very holistic approach when reviewing PR applicants.

  • Industry – Singapore is focusing on knowledge- and innovation-based workers and their families. They will herald it’s vision of becoming a leading expert in industries that contribute towards the country’s rising economies.

  • Six-Month Assessment Stage – Approved candidates are required to wait a rather long time (depending on their Work Pass status) before receiving their PR status. This evaluation period helps applications and the government reflect, access, and evaluate if the pass holder is suitable for long-time residency in the city state.

  • Family Ties Candidates stand a higher chance of being approved as a PR of Singapore if they’ve stayed on in the country for a long time and have family members who are already integrated into local Singaporean society.

  • Selfless Contribution – The more you care about your new home, the more of your genuine intent and authentic self shines through. Volunteer work, charitable contributions, and long-time donations are taken into consideration before complete acceptance.

  • Recommendation from a reputable Singaporean – Applicants stand a better chance if they’ve been able to continuously show their genuine intent on contributing towards the country. Through your efforts and determination, a letter of recommendation from a respected member of local Singaporean society goes a long way.

  • Deep Integration – Adding non-monetary contributions, learning local dialects and languages, familiarity with Singaporean culture, making new friends with your neighbors and co-workers, and participation in local societal events are all taken into account during the assessment period.

Paul Immigration Reviews: Streamlined Applications

Paul Immigration Office, personal consultation for Singaporean immigration applicants

The consultancy has helped more than 15,000 applicants from all around the world navigate the often-complicated process of applying for PR status in Singapore. They pride themselves in being 100% transparency and professionalism by providing accurate evaluation of each applicant.

By irrefutable policy knowledge and efficient case management, they’ve been able to provide detailed explanations to each applicant, making it less stressful for them. Processing, filling in and submitting required documentation is guided by their expert consultants and has maintained a high success rate since their inception in 2016.

The team of dedicated specialists are always at hand to help applicants maneuver their way through the maze of procedures. They take intense pride in maintaining integrity of their work. Availability and timeliness, expert guidance and assistance of their entire process – from start to finish – is what makes them one of the leading consultancy companies in Singapore today.

Their clients share that they appreciate their consultants’ patient handling of information that has helped them cut the application process by months. Here’s a glowing testimonial of their services:

“Paul Immigrations Pte Ltd has professional experience in guiding families for successful (Singapore) PR applications. I did try several times in last 10 years and was not successful. I went to Paul Immigrations last time and me & my family get PR applications approved. Thank you very much to Paul Immigrations for the professional service.”


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