Where to keep kids active and having fun during the holidays!


School holidays are an amazing time for families to be together. A time for less stress about school drop offs, pick ups, lunches, after school activities and washing uniforms. Lets face it, school life is heretic!  If mum and dad can take time off work during the holiday periods, then its a fantastic time for some quality bonding. Sadly, most working mums and dads don’t get this chance.

If you can’t stay home with the kids, make sure they stay active. School can be very exhausting for kids of all ages, and the holidays are a time to let off some of the school stress steam, however, not being active can have negative effects on their social and physical skills.

Healthy Kids says:

“Kids and teens should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. They can get even more health benefits from doing a couple of hours of physical activity every day.

To help kids and teens be active every day, they need opportunities for sport, play and exercise at school, after school and on weekends.

Physical activity doesn’t all have to happen at the one time. It can be accumulated throughout the day; by walking or riding to and from school, being involved in activities at school, active play at home or taking part in organised sport after school and on weekends. 

Kids and teens can get even more benefits from doing up to three hours of physical activity every day.”

With most families in Singapore having a helper, it’s easy to take the kids for a swim, or to the park to play on the swings and to socialize with other children. If you want something a little more fun and engaging, you could enroll the kids in a summer camp.

Chai Life Studio’s is running a 5 day summer camp on different dates over the summer holidays for boys and girls of all ages. The Kung Fu Kids Summer Holidays Camps will be a chance for kids to chance to do some serious Kung Fu Moves, along with Hip Hop Dance moves, an intro to the Lion Dance and lots of Kung Fu Games throughout! Also, a great chance to interact with other children and make new friends.

Kung Fu will keep the kids active, whilst also teaching them discipline, respect and increasing their self confidence. A perfect way to spend the holidays.

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