Integrated Online Marketing

What is Integrated Online Marketing?

Integrated Online Marketing is how your brand is exposed on digital media like website, social media, search engines, blog posts, banner advertising etc. This can also be referred to as your digital footprint.

Why do I need Integrated Online Marketing?

The internet is here to stay, and gone are the days of phone books and print advertising. While these mediums still exist, more than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, according to the United Nations agency that oversees international communications. This means that your brand needs to have its very own place online, so your consumers, fans and followers can find you or your products easily.

What do I get?



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Micro Page green-tick-talkelectricianforumcouk
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Business Listing

A business listing is on our website under the Business Listing tab
Business Listing

Business Listing Featured

A business listing is on our website under the Business Listings tab that is highlighted at the top of the category

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Micro Page

A “Micro website” for your brand under our Shopping tab with in your brand’s category.

Micro Page Feature

This is when we highlight your Micro Page on the Homepage of Expat Fairs Website for a period of 2 weeks (14 days)

Micro feratureAdvertorial

An advertorial is an exclusive article that features your brand only. You can read an advertorial here. 

advertorialSocial Media Shout Out

We share a product or lifestyle image of your brand and post to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with tailored captions and hashtags for each platform.

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Priority Table Selection You will be able to have an early chance to select the table space you at a fair of your choice.

Newsletter Link

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Newsletter Vendor Spotlight
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