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Are you planning on moving soon? The private rental housing market in Singapore has many different options to suit everyone from individuals to large families. This sponsored post from rentFarEast can help to explain the differences for you.

Types of Housing of Singapore

Nassim RegencyCondominium
Condominium is a type of residential property whereby multiple apartment units are gated in a common ground sharing communal facilities.  Nassim Regency is located in the charming estate at Nassim Road set amidst serenity and nature, yet just a short walk to the famous shopping and entertainment belt along Orchard Road. It promises space and comfortable living with views of greenery, and close to Singapore Botanic Gardens which offers a beautiful location to explore the outdoors.

The SOHO concept conjures up visions of quintessential urban lifestyles where working, living and playing converge in symphony.  The Seawind is the latest addition to the quaint residential enclave of the East Coast.  Our collection of SOHO residences is available with generous floor-to-floor heights and swanky platforms that allow you to maximise storage and usable spaces.

Cluster Home
Cluster Home combines landed housing living with communal facilities similar to those available in private condominiums.  It offers security and communal space with facilities for interaction amongst the residents. Cabana, located at Sunrise Terrace, is the perfect choice for families who enjoy large living space and lifestyle facilities.

BungalowWoodgrove Estate
Bungalow, also known as detached house, is a free standing dwelling unit within a plot of land which can be one, two or three-storey high. Woodgrove Estate is nestled in an exclusive and serene area at Ashwood Grove, Cedarwood Grove and Woodgrove Avenue. Comprising 34 detached bungalows, these country mansions offer generous space for housing of families.  All of the mansions come with either swimming pools or jacuzzis with ample car porch space for 2 or more cars.

Conservation Terrace
Conservation Terrace is a terrace house that could be from different periods of Singapore’s history – from the colonial days when we were a migrant settlement to our post independence years – conserved to capture the depth of Singapore’s history.  All original structural and architectural elements are repaired, retained, restored and strengthened without losing their features, protecting the important reminders and representations to our past.  Townerville, located at May, McNair and Towner Road, is a living legacy, an estate of colonial and ethnic-style terrace houses built in the 1920s and now restored to its original splendour.

Widest Selection of Residences for Lease

Far East Organization is the Singapore’s largest private residential landlord, offering a variety of homes for lease in the most sought after districts across the island.  Whether you are looking for a sophisticated modern apartment, a heritage home or a bungalow, we offer the widest selection of private residences for lease to best suit the extensive needs and desire of the expatriate community for long-term stay in Singapore.

We strive to provide thoughtful and hassle-free services to our tenants. Our dedicated leasing team has the expertise to provide a one-stop housing solution from partial to fully furnished apartments with optional housekeeping services, housewares and broadband & cable services.

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