Getting Away To Reconnect – Makunudu Island


The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on all that has happened and make plans for the new year. As an Expat, my life is filled with work, socialising, working out, travelling back to Australia to see family and hosting lots and lots and lots of visitors in Singapore.

My husband works long hours and travels a lot, so quality time really goes missing from our relationship. The only real one on one time we get is when we go on mini breaks. Singapore is the perfect hub for short jaunts within Asia. The flights are cheap and the destinations cheaper. We have had weekenders in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Short stays in Cambodia and China, however they have been packed full of tours and activities and reasons to wake up early and go exploring. We have stayed in amazing resorts and tourist traps everywhere but big resorts just don’t offer the intimacy you get from a private island.

I want out time together to be totally together. A chance to have NO PLANS and just laze by the pool, or stay in bed all day. A chance to talk, to catch up and most importantly to relax. To swim, or to go snorkelling, or to read a book tucked away in a secluded location.

Life is so hectic in our expat world that we never really slow down and just stop. Turn of the phones and the iPad, let the laptop battery die and not recharge it.

That’s why I am so excited to have booked a stay at Makunudu Island. With it’s glitter-like sparkling ocean and white sandy beaches, it’s a poster pin up for the Maldives. A destination we have always wanted to go, and is only a four and a half hour plane ride away from Singapore.

We plan on having no plans. Just to wake up each day and see where it takes us. Lots of time recharging our souls and taking a break from the pressures of life.

Waking up to the sound of waves at your door!

Waking up to the sound of waves at your door!

If you are desperate to check your emails, there is complimentary wifi in public areas, although I think I will hide my husband’s phone from him.

Why would you even want wifi here! (unless it’s to show off on Instagram 😉

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken care of in the Ara Iru Restaurant when you book with full board. (Yay no cooking!)

The Aavun Spa features a massage using seashell and pure indigenous coconut oil, which I will most certainly be booking us both in for. (Along with everything else on the spa menu!) Having spa time together can be a great way fully relax, and in my experience, the more relaxed my husband is, the more he opens up, which is great to really talk about what matters.

I cannot wait to be there.

I want to go today!

So, yes I am super excited to be getting away from it all to reconnect. To recharge and to spend some serious quality time with my significant other. And the best bit…. if he wants to get away from my talking, he can’t, unless he swims for it…. 😉

Makunudu Island is offering an amazing deal that includes a three-night getaway for two, full board and airport transfers at an exclusive price of US$1,688. Go to to book your dream escape!


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