Is Club Med Bintan a destination for Couples?

Zen Area Club Med

The view from the Zen Area

When my husband and I travel, it’s usually on a very tight time frame, and we like to go to secluded beaches and places where the cocktails flow, without much interruption from the outside world. We like to eat, drink, sleep and soak up the sun on white sandy beaches. We like to spend quality time together.

With this in mind, when given the opportunity to check into Club Med, I was hesitant. Especially as I don’t have any children yet. It’s just my husband and I, who were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary when we booked to go. My biggest concern was that there would be families swarming the beaches and dining areas, with lots of noise and craziness.

That we would not have any privacy, or quiet time.

That essentially, we would feel like we where in the wrong place. The answer is NOT AT ALL.

When someone mentions Club Med to me, I think of family getaways with mum, dad and three kids, off on their yearly holiday. This might be because Club Méditerranée (Club Med) has been around for over 60 years, and is frequented by families from all around the world, at over 65 locations in Europe, Africa and Middle East, North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Thus cementing their reputation as a family holiday destination. Most “villages” (what Club Med calls their resorts) are designed for families, with villages providing daytime supervised facilities for children: the “Baby”, “Petit”, “Mini”, “Junior’s” clubs and 12 Passworld facilities worldwide which offer a special hang out space for 11- to 17-year-olds.

So, I hear you ask, was it like that?

Morning Juice Club Med

Starting the day with a freshly squeezed re-balance juice

As a couple, staying at a family orientated resort, we had an absolute ball.

Club Med Bintan is just a short 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore, which makes it especially appealing for a 3 night mini-beak when time is limited due to work commitments. On arrival you are met by the Guest Officers (GO’s) who wave and jump about, which is really sweet and gets you excited for your stay. The GO’s are from all over the world, and are always smiling, and happy to say good morning or stop by the pool, and have a chat with you. Muk and Dilpi even joined us for dinner one evening and it was lovely to hear about their lives. It really personalizes your stay and adds to the village vibe.

Stunning Beach Club Med

The stunning 2.5km private beach


The Beach is stunning. Like seriously stunning. We swam in the ocean every single day we were there, even when it rained. The water is crystal clear and warm, and the sand is white and clean. It feels amazing between your toes. My husband isn’t a massive water lover like I am, yet he was the one I had to drag away from the beach to get lunch!

During our stay Club Med had launched their new Heath and Wellness program, created with the theme of 4 colours in 4 days based on the concepts of Rejuvenation, Recharge, Re-balance, Revitalize. The health and wellness retreat is designed to boost wellbeing and overall fitness, through a series of activities and classes conducted by invited professional instructors from around the world. This suited us immensely, as when we travel, as we usually let our fitness routine stay at home, but these activities force you out of your comfort zone, challenge you, and make you feel a little bit guilty for wanting to sunbathe all day. Same goes for the other included village activities like archery, tennis, trapeze, paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, the list really is endless.

Healthy Food Club Med

Super healthy food options from the buffet

After all the activity, I had to try out the spa. Although spa services are an additional cost, I would strongly recommend them, and they are definitely worth every cent. I am a certified spa bunny, meaning, everywhere I stay I book something at the spa. A massage, or a facial, sometimes just a medi-pedi. The Club Med spa is one of the most relaxing and beautify designed spas I’ve ever been to in South East Asia. I had the Exotic Coconut Treat Package and for two and a half hours, drifted off into la la lands of calmness and relaxation. They have a couples room that would be super romantic. (My husband is also not a spa lover!)

Club Med is ALL INCLUSIVE which is fantastic! It means no carrying a wallet or purse around, and worrying about where to leave it while you go for a swim, or a drink at the bar, of which we did both, many times. The food on offer is spectacular. With different dining options and timings, when I overslept and “missed breakfast”, I was also to go to the late brunch instead (while still getting my much loved sleep in).

We packed so much into our 3N/4D trip, and yet still had time to completely stop and watch the world go by. When considering my next romantic getaway with my significant other, would I return to Club Med Bintan? The answer is YES, in a heartbeat.

More Info:
Club Med Bintan: You can find our more about the resort via their website
Getting there: Bintan Resort Ferries travel to Bintan multiple times a day. Check there site for details.

This post was sponsored by Club Med Bintan, I received 3Ns accommodation, however all opinions and reviews are my own and not influenced by the sponsor. 



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