Beautiful Autumn Fair 2019


If you’re a conscious shopper with an eye for artisan crafts, block the 29th of October 2019 for the Beautiful Autumn Fair organized by The Expat Fairs off your calendar. Indulge in a day full of shopping exclusive pieces made with tender, love, and care by Local & International artisans throughout Asia at Sheraton Towers, Singapore! Better, SIGN UP HERE and redeem a $15 CASH VOUCHER to shop at the fair!!!

Be the first to the party on Tuesday and shop the day away until 7 pm with over 100 artisans enticing you to their side of the world. 

10% of the profit from the book “Fight or Flight?: The survival guide for flying with kids” written by Dana Bachar Grossman sold during the fair will be donated to underprivileged kids in the Himalayas for better education facilities. So who’s in the mood to make a difference? To get you onboard, here are some independent brands we bet you’re gonna love at the Beautiful Autumn Fair!

Crafts Gin Co

Crafts Gin dedicates themselves to a 100% natural process of curating gin by undergoing a stringent distillation process, infused with bold botanicals to deliver a floral, spicy, or fruity finish. Sourcing the water from the famous Te Waikoropupū Spring to make their spectacular gin, the range of gins made here are of different natures, from floral to fruity, spicy, woody, etc. Crafts Gin Co is in the middle of Ginaissance and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Cheese Load @ An Old Fashioned Lady


Hailing from small farms spread on green hills, hidden alpine cottages on the slope of the mountains and elegant boutique shops in enchanting villages, the cheeses made here will entice your senses from afar, with their smells, their colors, their shapes. @an_old_fashioned_lady brings Singaporean cheese lovers, authentic Italian & European flavors with over for 20 years of experience in cheese mongering. Only for the palates seeking an adventure 🧀🏔⛰✨

Bunny Planet: Jams From Madagascar

Brigitte Billardey’s Jam trickles with 23 years old of family tradition recipes combining flower scents, fruit pulps from Madagascar, and spices creating sweet and spicy jams that taste like Sunday Mornings and Giggles. Besides jams, Brigitte Billardey’s offers a wide range of spread from chutneys and jellies to chocolate spread and many more that are enveloped in fragrances of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, pepper and the unique taste of the natural fruits.

Furnish Singapore: Artisanal Furniture

Furnish Singapore is here to offer you a piece of hygge (Danish expression of feeling cozy, warm and comforting) into your life through their traditional Indonesian artisanal handicraft with a European modern twist. Hop on this sustainable ride as the Scandinavian tells you why this nature-inspired piece belongs in your home under your care.

Petale: Premium Blooming Teas

Soak in the weekend sun by the veranda with your girlfriends while sipping on Petale tea. Sweetening and scenting the air, these dried flowers like Jasmine, Osmanthus, Gomphrena, Marigold, Rose, Lavender, and Lily are rich with healing properties and acts as a remedy to improving gastritis, acid reflux and ulcers, as well as reducing stomach or menstrual cramps. Best relished with some honey and hot water, its therapeutic and delicate cure for cloudy evenings and mundane mornings!

Berawa Luxe: Bali-inspired Fashion

Quintessential modern wear for the woman young at heart looking for a fun, breezy and stylish wear. Inspired by the laidback vibes of Bali, Berawa Luxe is here to last long with their quality while offering originality by thoughtfully-sourced fabrics and original print designs that are screen-printed by hand. Find a piece that best captures the magic of the island 🙂

Peggell: Kids Wear

Vibrant, unique & adventurous clothing for babies & even when it’s a twinning day for mommy and kid! Peggell’s design easy to wear pieces that are as exciting & energetic as the little personalities they decorate.


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