Best Holiday Destinations To Visit Near Singapore


Holidays are either meant to slow time or to discover the undiscovered. We believe the elements for vacay destinations include a little bit of party, lots of nature and food. All kinds of good food. Presenting the best destination in Malaysia and Thailand perfect for the singles, couple and family with active kiddos!

1) Langkawi > Malaysia’s Coastal Gem

Escape the bustling city and dive into nature at its untouched form. Lying off the coast of Kedah and adjacent to the Thai Borders, Langkawi’s 99 magical islets are surrounded by the glimmering Andaman Sea that boasts crystalline waters and homes diverse species of life.

Plus, it’s a duty-free island so you can load up on the chocolate and alcohol without hurting your bank account! Some of the amazing adventures to witness the beauty of Langkawi includes kayaking in the mangrove, jungle trekking, visiting hidden waterfalls, sunset gazing on the beach and utterly nothing.

2) Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand @ Party + Nature

If you party hard, Koh Pha-Ngan may come off as a distinctive location for Full Moon parties. What most look past is of its naturalistic paradise element. Escape the crowds and discover relatively calm beaches, pristine waterfalls, and lush forests, and you’ll see that there’s much more to the infamous party island than just cocktail buckets and neon body paint.

What’s a visit to Thailand if not to fill up on tasty Thai food for cheap and there are many cooking schools where you can learn how to replicate your favorite dishes. Uncover Koh Phangan’s spiritual heart and you’ll find meditation and yoga centers, new-age communities, retreats, workshops, and other ways to find inner balance and peace.

3) Sabah, East Malaysia

Go back in time and immerse in the wildlife, undersea exploration on the land of primordial rainforests and fascinating tribal communities living in remote locations as one gets to witness pot-bellied proboscis monkeys perched in the trees above, plunging sea walls rainbow-spattered with tropical marine life in the Semporna Archipelago; a forest as old as human civilisation in the Maliau Basin.

To get the most out of your trip, get onto a bike and cruise along with the natural wonders while taking a pit stop for a local snack or two. Some of the amazing spots to head to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park & Kinabalu National Park (Malaysia’s Highest Peak)

4) Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Singapore can get indescribably hot and humid! If you’re yearning for a chilly escape, the closest destination which is cold enough for a warm cup of tea would be Cameron Highlands serving their local tea from the emerald tea plantations unfurl across Malaysia’s largest hill-station area.

Abundantly scattered with strawberries and cherries, treat the kids to unlimited treats and before the sun sets, discover the depth of its nature through this country’s most preserved hiking trails like Gunung Brinchang(Moderate to tough), Gunung Beremban (tough) or Parit Falls for a cruising feel.

5) Penang Island @ Food Paradise

Diverse in culinary options, its a gastronomical embark to Asia’s great kingdom that stands tall and proud of its history rooted to Captain Francis Light’s vision for once was the most significant trading port among the traders from Europe and India which has resulted in what we see now: culturally assimilated land enriched with adventure and stories.


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