Anthony Lee & Associates made their debut as a team in the recent “She Owns It” Trade Fair.


Anthony Lee & Associates made their debut as a team in the recent “She Owns It” trade fair held on 7 November 2015. The team, comprising of 7 senior financial consultants and their leader Anthony, were present to share with many female participants on how they could achieve work life balance by choosing an entrepreneurial career in financial services.

Anthony established AL & Associates with a focus on helping SME entrepreneurs. As a SME business owner himself, he knows and is concerned that most business owners do not truly comprehend business continuity risks, and undermines how their business could be impacted when adversities strike. The intricacies of the relationship between business and family financial security is also often overlooked as most business owners are either too busy managing their day to day operations or relying on inappropriate advice.  This has to change.

At AL & Associates, every consultants are armed with an in-depth industry experience and professional competency to serve their customers. No two clients are alike, but every consultant are trained to work with only one goal in mind, and that’s to provide an effective wealth and risk management strategy for their clients, to help them secure a peace of mind for their current and future financial needs.

With a client-centric business model, AL & Associates is constantly challenging and altering the traditional financial services landscape by going beyond products.  Not only do they help connect business owners and entrepreneurs, Anthony himself is known for his willingness to share valuable knowledge and insights on business strategy, having come from a corporate background in strategic planning. As the team comprises of many consultants whom are mothers themselves,  they can also appreciate the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs today, and are often able to formulate customised solutions to help female entrepreneurs safeguard their business interests.

In the “She Owns It” Trade fair, one of their executive consultant, Mdm Sim Peck Cheng spoke about her ordeal when diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer at the age of 32, a time where her daughter was only 2.5 years old.  She spoke about her life changing experience since treatment days, and shared how she had to re-prioritised the important things in her life. She now uses that life changing experience to help people around her.

As an organization that embraces integrity, competency and service excellence as their core values, AL & Associates is known for its stringent recruitment criteria. Only experienced & committed people who are passionate about giving quality and sound advice and are willing to stick it with their clients to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives are hired. Team members like Laverne Lim, Shen Peilin, Christina Kokadir, Esther Aw, Roger Sng and Ryan Lim are consultants with an average tenure of at least 10 years in the financial services industry.  This has made AL & Associates a preferred choice among clients who demand nothing less than professionalism and the commitment to serve.

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