A Delightful Surprise at Diner En Blanc


Singapore is well known for its abundance of nightlife, dining and attractions. Like New York, it has a reputation as a city that does not sleep. Many say this is fueled by the diverse community of expats, tourists and locals who just love to have a good time.  Who work hard and play harder. Who just like to have fun.

Due to this, people develop patterns and tend to go to their regular hot-spots, or the local favorites. Well Diner En Blanc changes all this in the most delightful way. Picture this; You are asked to dress all in white with the theme of “Elegance”. You gather a group of friends, pack a picnic, pre-order your champagne, and are given a meeting location and time, where a bus will pick you up. And that’s it! The rest is a glorious and wonderful surprise.

The excitement that builds at the meeting location is contagious, and all of a sudden you are chatting with people who you have never met before, speculating on where the bus will take us. Once on board, the team leader hands out fans (essential in the Singapore heat) and asks the passengers in a beautiful French accent, “Are you ready for Diner En Blanc?” to which the whole bus excitedly screams YES!

Keeping a secret is hard, so hats off to the event hosts Alexis Lhoyer, Jasmine Tuan and Guillaume Chabrières along with their team for the amazing effort in producing and delivering a wonderful surprise, adding to the amazing tradition of Le Dîner en Blanc in since its first one in Paris 30 years ago.

Arriving at Resorts World Sentosa Waterfront, the attendees set up their tables and chairs, put out cheese plates and crack the corks on bottles of wine. The celebration begins with the traditional waving of the white napkins, and then, as the sun set, the sea of white adorned people really started to party the night away.

Source: Diner En Blanc

Source: Diner En Blanc

Source: Diner En Blanc

Source: Diner En Blanc

Good times were had, friends were made, and there was dancing and laughing aplenty. Will we go next year? ABSOLUTELY

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Our editor was invited as a guest of Diner En Blanc however all opinions and reviews are her own and not influenced by the sponsor. 


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