7 Best Sustainable Fashion And Jewellery Brands In Singapore


In 2019, our innocent #OOTD’s cost piles of clothing waste, child labor and toxic sewage polluting our rivers not to mention an alarmingly high price tag that comes with prestigious brands, sadly oblivious to the damage caused by fast fashion.

A small community of fashionable nature enthusiast, however, are helping you to take an alternative route with their sustainable fashion brands in Singapore that are not only stylish yet equally earth-friendly, comfortable and unique. Here’s are 10 sustainable local brands that you could support to make a difference.

1) Matter = Comfort x Pants

Matter, a brand with a message spread like a wildfire by creating jobs among rural artisans, shifting designers orthodoxical approach to the designing process and creating awareness among consumers on the importance of knowing where and what something is made of.

This Summer, wiggle into an organic cotton line of breezy, yet structured pants, versatile dresses with asymmetrical hemline. Made from breathable, 100% natural cotton fabric includes jumpsuits, scarves, tops and wraps perfect for a hot day and a chill night.

2) Ubu Swimwear = Swimwear

Much of the current trend toward sustainability can be attributed to Ubu Swimwear. Assuring extreme durability, more resistant to chlorine and suntan oils & lotions than alternatives and has the highest available rating for UV protection, let us surprise you with facts that Ubu Swimwear incorporates fabrics made from 100% recycled and regenerated material like old fishing nets and plastic bottles that are rescued from our oceans and landfills. Did we mention they’re totally fashion-oriented as well?

3) Eden + Elie = Hand-Crafted Jewelleries

Combining richness with meaningfulness, Eden + Elie celebrates life with their intricate artisanal bead weaving using Delica seed beads sourced from India, China, and Mexico for exquisite pieces for ladies looking for a touch of elegance into their everyday style. Enhancing this whole experience is knowing that this brand hires individuals with autism from the Autism Resource Center to acquire the skills of bead-weaving artisans.

responsibly sourced materials

4)OliveAnkara = African Fashion

Over here, we appreciate culture, colors, and sustainability. Submerging both African fabrics with a hint of Italian taste and modern fashion designs, OliveAnkara is a way of living than just a brand as they commit to the idea of zero waste, slow fashion (oppose to fast fashion) and quality over quantity thus expect 4 similarly designed being produced only once. Uniqueness. Check!

5) Kalaia = Bohemian Wears

As an admiration to the stand of bohemianism in our scene, Kalaia make dreams of swaying by the ocean come true with their elegantly beaded earrings and gorgeously flowing dresses. Bohemianism meets sustainability as they have found a way to reuse and upcycle redundant fabrics into new styles in order to minimize wastage and footprint from reproduction batches. Wearable from dawn to dusk

6) Baliza = Balinese + Ibiza

Each piece tells a story combining the breeziness of the Bali Air and the fun from Ibiza. With each Baliza dress fabricated and designed with a duration 8 weeks spent on it, expect a piece made from organic cotton and herbal dyes handstitched with beadings and embroidery. Tell us somehting more precious than this? Taking that extra mile to convince you, each purchase you make supports women and children living in poverty.

7) Organic Basic = Underwear That Cares

While this may not be a Singaporean Brand, Organic Basics have been welcomed into the LionCity for their consciously created undershirts, socks, underwear for both genders as they’re made from premium organic cotton that’s sustainably been crafted with locally harvested organic Turkey cotton. From the materials used to packaging, 100% recycled plastics are used to live up to the promise being made to earth. Join them for a taste of pure comfort.


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