6 top survival tips when flying with your toddlers


By Dana Bachar Grossman , 

Best Seller Author of “Fight or flight? The survival guide for flying with kids”

  • Have you ever taken a flight with a crying child who just wouldn’t fall asleep, feeling the other passengers wishing you would both miraculously disappear?
  • Maybe you have landed looking like you just came out of a washing machine after flying with your kids, as one of them had diarrhea the whole flight?

If any of these scenarios ring a bell or come close, this article is for you!

Tip #1 Take-off distractions

Using their headphones on with their favourite music is helpful, and to appoint them as “co-pilot ”. Ask them to press the silver button in their seat until the airplane takes off! They love it!

Tip #2  F&B to avoid grumpy kids (and parents…)

  • Pack their favorite food and have it handy, same goes for bottle
  • Drink water / “Jet juice during take off and landing and often during the flight. It helps with the ear pressure pain and with the dry air onboard
  • Pacifier – bring more than one…It’s a great help with ear pressure pain and calming them down

Tip #3 Diaper watch & Pee patrol

Pack many more diapers than you think you might need. It’s “Murphy’s law” laughing at you with an unexpected diarrhea episode on board. It’s the 1 hour 1 diaper(™)  rule for us: the length of the flight dictates the number of diapers with a minimum of five diapers for super short flights.

Check the diaper often and use the washroom before boarding and before landing.  It’s challenging to go against a stream of passengers embarking the aircraft with a leaking child haha!

Tip #4 Extra cloths

Pack diversity of extra comfortable clothes for them AND for you in case your food tray has been up in the air.. Socks,  2-3 sets of long pants and shirts, 3-4 sets of short pants and shirts & a hoodie! This is helpful for you to hold onto when they practice their “Zombie walk” up and down the aisle.   

Tip #5 Arts and fun

Bring along colors & blank papers for drawing, stickers & playdough, “Post-it-notes” to decorate their tray or seat (easy to peel it off), books, playing cards & favourite toy or doll etc.

Tip #6 Sleeping routine

  • Dress them up in long sleeves and long pants as their blanket won’t survive in place 🙂
  • Buckle them up and check on them often to avoid falling from their seat while you sleep too…
  • You! Yes, you! Doze off when they do… Make sure you leave behind any expectation for a long sleep for both you and them. Whatever you guys get is just great! Watch a movie when they go to college, haha!

Happy travels and fun trips!

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