5 Ways To Stay Fit While Running A Business


There is a fast-paced, passionate sense of urgency when it comes to running a business. All your focus and intent is on building an empire. This means long work hours, irregular eating habits and loss of social life. So how does the busy entrepreneur stay fit and healthy whilst running a business? Here are just five tips that take up minimal time, but have maximum effect.

Personal Trainer

There is never a good time to go to the gym. Even when you do find twenty minutes it is spent walking on a treadmill and answering emails, which is not proven to have any major effect on your body by any sports scientists. That’s why a personal trainer is a perfect option. You tell them what you want to achieve, they’ll give you a fitness and meal plan, as well as arranging a time to meet the way you would arrange a business meeting. The key is forming a routine and a repetitive task so it becomes a part of your business schedule. Except you’re having a meeting with your personal trainer.

Mother and Baby Fitness

Mother and baby fitness classes are a great way to schedule a time slot in a busy week of business and parenting. An opportunity to meet other expat mothers, as well as letting someone keep you fit. Mother-baby fitness is very popular in Singapore for their fun, social and healthy benefits. These postnatal classes can range in different styles like stroller fitness, pilates, and even baby boot camps with body weight training.

Aqua Spinning

Aqua spinning is riding a stationary bicycle underwater, similar to how you would have ridden a bicycle underwater as a child. The benefit from a class of aqua spinning is that the water resistance equals to 3x more calories being burnt than regular cycling. This means that in one 30 minute class, you’ll feel the fitness advantages of a 90-minute cycle ride or run. That is a lot of time saved for focusing on your business.

Outdoor Boot Camps

The beautiful thing about an outdoor boot camp is that you get all you fitness needs, social needs, and you’re being outdoors in the moderate quality Singapore air needs handled. Also, most outdoor boot camps take place either early morning or late evening weekdays or early morning Saturdays, meaning there is always an option outside of business hours.

Keeping Fit at Work

Running a successful business is a lot of hard work. Sometimes it really is impossible to get to a personal trainer or another scheduled event. There are times when the business has to take priority. In these situations, there are still some very quick and simple things you can do to keep you and your mind fit.

Positive thinking will keep your mind fresh and clear of negative thoughts which can demotivate and cause stress. Try parking in the furthest parking spot from the office to get an extra bit of exercise before and after work. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you have a meeting with a client a couple streets away, walk it instead of taking a car or cab. Stand about a lot more. Sitting for prolonged amounts of time is not good for the body, so try standing when in a conference call, but avoid standing over your employees in a meeting.



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