5 Best Photographer Tours in the Asia Pacific


Going on a photography tour in the Asia Pacific can be an amazing adventure. You will explore some of the destinations that you’ve always been fascinated about, make new friends with similar interests in photography and travel, improve your photography skills and receive guidance from an expert photographer.

There are hundreds of organizations that offer photographer tours in the Asia Pacific, it’s hard to know which one would suit you best. So we have made your task easier and identified the 5 Best Photographer Tours in the Asia Pacific. Let’s find out more about them.

  1. Natural Habitat Photo Tours in Asia – India’s Tigers & Wildlife: A Photo Safari

Natural Habitat Photo Tours in Asia organized trips to some of the most exotic locations in the world. You will get to go on a tiger safari in India, explore the panda reserves in China and explore several fascinating aspects of the world’s largest continent.  There is one really popular photography tour organized by Natural Habitat that you should have a look at – India’s Tigers & Wildlife: A Photo Safari. This tour takes you to the Bengal tiger habitat in India. You will get very close to the great Bengal tiger and will be able to view and photograph these animals. The Photo Safari runs for 7 days and costs $5695 per person. You can book any time from April to June.

  1. Sri Lanka Photography Adventure with Alex Cearns

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The end of the Civil War in Sri Lanka now means that photography tours can now explore the thick forests and the wildlife in areas that were once inaccessible to the public. Alex Cearns is a famous wildlife photographer and his Sri Lanka Photography Adventure starts in Negombo and ends in Galle. Food, transport, living accommodations are taken care of by Alex and his team so all you really worry about is capturing getting the best shots on your camera. The tour runs for 13 days and costs USD $4,541 per person.

  1. Starbo Tours Photo Tours Collection – The Treasures of Thailand & Angkor Wat Photography Tour

Starbo Tours Photo Tour Collection consists of photography tours that are planned and organized by professional photographers with years of experience not just in photography, but also in leading photographic tours in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. Starbo Tours organizes dozens of photographer tours in the Asia Pacific, one we like best is The Treasures of Thailand & Angkor Wat Photography Tour with Photo Leader Kathy Adams Clark. Capture the incredible beauty of Thailand and explore the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. The tour takes you from the traditional Thai markets of Bangkok to a trek through the hills of Chiang Mai, and gives you a feel for the villages and the hill tribes of the region. It ends with an exploration of the ruins of Angkor Wat. This tour costs $5,495 per person.

  1. National Geographic’s China Family Expedition

Go on a 10-day China adventure with the whole family and explore some of China’s greatest attractions on National Geographic’s China Family Expedition. Going on a National Geographic photography tour will do wonders for your photography skills as you will be assisted by an expert National Geographic photographer. These guys really know their stuff and you’ll learn several tips and techniques from them. National Geographic also organizes a weeklong photography workshop for amateur photographers, which you can take to prep you up for the tour. On the China Family Expedition, you will visit Beijing’s Forbidden City, explore the Great Wall of China, get a panoramic view from the top of Shanghai’s tallest skyscraper and more! The China Family Expedition runs for 10 days and costs $5,540 per person.

  1. NZICESCAPES IMAGES/Petr Hlavacek’s New Zealand Photographic Tours – South Island – 6 National Parks Sojourn

Explore Middle Earth as imagined by J.R.R. Tolkien on Petr Hlavacek’s New Zealand Photographic Tours. NZICESCAPES IMAGES conducts the best photographer tours in New Zealand which has some of the most colorful, visually stunning and dramatic landscapes on the planet. It takes you through the snowy Southern Alps to the famous glaciers, and from the prehistoric lakes to the bogs and swamps. Petr Hlavacek is a world renowned landscape photographer, whose work has been published worldwide by several leading magazines. His 15-day South Island – 6 National Parks Sojourn photography tour takes you through the 6 National Parks of New Zealand’s South Island and costs NZ$9,970 per person.





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