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“tsugu” founded in Singapore in 2017 offering mainly Japanese lacquer ware carefully selected from various craftsmen across Japan. My family has been rooted in the tradition of lacquer ware since the founding of the family business in 1902 in Tokyo, Japan.

“tsugu” 「継ぐ」 means “to inherit” in the Japanese language. The concept of the shop is to inherit the things you like and pass them down for generations to come. Sadly, many things in this world are left behind when they are broken, out of style, or when newer version of the product is launched.

At “tsugu”, we believe in cherishing something good we can use for a long time, something we can repair if it is broken, something we can use for generations – and lacquer ware is an embodiment of this concept.

While the price tag may not seem economical at first glance, with proper care and by restoring even when it is worn off or faded or chipped, it can be used over many years. Lacquer ware changes in its colours and textures with regular usage and will likely get some scratches as it ages.

As time goes by, these subtle transitions themselves are a distinctive mark of its natural raw materials, and your appreciation for such beauty may be acquired as you build your own collection of lacquer ware. You may become even more attached to the nuanced flavour of your item.

With the progress of time, even as the usage and design of lacquer ware continue to evolve, we strive to bring you wonderful things in life which you may cherish and hand over to your children and generations beyond.

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