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The team at Salut-Lebanon travels regularly to Lebanon in search of high quality produce for our clients.
For more than 8 years, we have been enjoying Fuado’s Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil as private consumers.
Treasuring it for its freshness, impeccable quality and unique spicy finish, we look forward to the olive harvest each year with anticipation. In 2015, we finally made our first trip to Lebanon, the birthplace of Fuado’s Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
There, we witnessed the entire production process of our beloved extra virgin olive oil, from harvesting to pressing. In the morning, we worked alongside the harvesters at the olive vines. The olives are harvested with great care to prevent damage to both the olives and trees. Within a couple of hours, the olives are delivered to the mill where they are checked thoroughly for quality, cleaned then ground into a paste with a stone mill.
Finally, the olive paste is pressed into extra virgin olive oil. Right before our very eyes, the olives are turned into an oil with a lovely golden green hue. It felt like alchemy!
It is indeed a privilege to experience the gift of the earth transformed.
By the Mediterranean Sea coast, Lebanon is bestowed with a natural environment and fertile soil. The natural gifts from the land is made into many delicious specialities which we sumptuously enjoyed.
We then felt a compulsion to share Fuado’s Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other fabulous produce from Lebanon with others.
Welcome to Salut-Lebanon!
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