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Pawmeal serves customised fresh food diets for picky pets and busy pet parents. We are committed to create healthier fresh pet food and make feeding convenient and gratifying for pet owners in Singapore. Our love for our pets and foster furkids – Rachel the Jack Russell, Skippy the cat and Kimchi/Belle/Shira the Mongrels – brought the 3 of us pet lovers together, with the commitment to bring better health and nutrition to pets.

We sprang into action when Rachel was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. In the same year, more than 5 of our fellow dog parents told us that their dogs were struck with terminal diseases. We decided to read up and consult experts in pet nutrition, and discovered that fresh food diets can extend a pet’s lifespan by up to 32 months (Lippert, 2003) and decrease the risk of cancer by up to 90% (Purdue University, 2005)! It turns out that diet is the key factor on a pet’s health, and we want to do something about it.

With a pet food nutrition specialist in the team, we began formulating diets to address allergy needs, picky eating behaviours and weight management issues of dogs. Most importantly, with the ultimate intention to reduce pet cancer risks. All our food are made of fresh,restaurant-grade natural ingredients that are safe for human consumption and customised into 1 pack per day for every pet’s daily caloric needs. With 9 different recipes, every month will be a different menu for your pet, so they get the variety of nutrients and stay excited, too.

We also aspire to make our fresh food creations and other pet care products accessible for all the shelter animals in Singapore. With every support from you, we will be able to make steps towards achieving our goal of providing real, fresh food for the shelter dogs and cats on a regular basis.

Find out more about our customised fresh food diets at

Explore our other exclusive natural pet care products, ranging from pet supplements to plant-based aromatic shampoos at

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Essay for the Prince Laurent Foundation Price by Dr. Gerard Lippert, 2003
Research on effects of fresh food on a kibble diet by Purdue University, 2005

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