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We are makers and creators at heart and we want to honour the traditions that come from centuries of making things by hand.

In a world proliferated by industrialised products, we offer a different aesthetic – one that is uniquely differentiated, no two pieces exactly alike because each one has been created by human hands.

There is nothing older than sewing with needle and thread and these basic human traditions passed down the centuries are the same techniques that form the foundation of our work. Weaving beads either with a needle (off-loom) or on a loom, is the tapestry with which we express form, function, colour and meaning in the jewelry we create.

Using hand intensive techniques with such very basic tools also allows us to train and work with artisans, who, for the lack of capital, would not otherwise be able to enter the premium market of high design goods. Thus, handmade is to us, not in the least, a means of providing fair and sustainable work for such individuals and communities.

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