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Handmade Christmas wreath that looks luxurious and organic. The perfect festive home decor that is suitable as gifts for family and friends.

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Round Xmas Wreath with Fresh Pine Leaves and 1 Red Candle

Wreath size: 28cm Candle size: 22cm $42 + $10 delivery charge

Round Xmas Wreath with Fresh Pine and 4 candles

Wreath size: 35cm Candle size: 15cm $110 + $10 delivery charge

Xmas Center Piece with fresh pine and 4 long candles

Centerpiece size: 55cm x 20cm Candles size: 23cm x 2cm (L / W) $80 + $10 delivery charge

Round Xmas Wreath with fresh pine and 1 silver candle

Wreath size: 30cm Candle size: 15cm $42 + $10 delivery charge

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