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ARIEL.C limited edition pieces are made to celebrate the harmony of different forms of beauty, while embracing our individuality and appreciating sustainable, stylish slow fashion jewellery.

Designed and handmade in Singapore, we have a good range of earrings, bracelets and earrings designs for you and your loved ones. Different collections represents the designer’s creative journey of thoughts and inspiration from events happening around us, represented through a combination of techniques with textiles, beadwork and metalwork etc.

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Ghin-Murasaki Bracelet - S$79

| Wabi Sabi | Collection - Double loop link bracelet in grey & purple soutache with organic beadwork and gemstones details, textured shimmer chain with matching miyuki cluster beads at end.

Bracelet chain designed to be adjustable for different wrist fit.

Kiera Garland Earrings - S$69

| Frida Blossom | Collection - Silver loop earrings w/ black & grey rose, metallic mini red rosette, white freshwater pearl, and magenta purple Swarovski crystals.

Enji Hoop Earrings - S$79

| Wabi Sabi | Collection - Stainless steel flat circle earring studs with dangling clusters of miyuki magatama beads in matching tones with beaded vintage red tone soutache hoop.

Kuro Loop Bracelets - S$69

| Wabi Sabi | Collection - Chain loop bracelet piece with onyx black soutache center piece w/ organic beadwork details and dangling Swarovski crystal charm.

Adela Mauve Earrings - S$99

| Transcendence II | Collection - Mauve purple statement earrings w/ matte silver frame with seed beads in matte black, blue, white and red. Dangling ends with miyuki beads in matching tones and silver diamante rings for luscious shine & sparkles.

Stainless steel circular ear studs.

Gem Metric (Teal) & Gem Metric (Blue) Ear studs - S$69 per pair

| Geometric Love | Collection - Candy tone statement ear studs with main teal and aquamarine center gem, matched with multi hues rectangular gems, diamantes and toho beadings.

Pink Pendent Necklace & Ophelia Blue Pendent Necklace - S$69 each

| Transcendence II | Collection - Both stainless steel necklace chain.

Pink: Matte silver frame beaded pendent necklace with seed beads in pink, gold and ivory white.

Blue: Matte silver frame beaded pendent necklace with seed beads in black, gold and turquoise blue.

Mod Interlinked I Necklace - S$99.00

| Transcendence | Collection - Statement necklace with stainless steel double chain, trio tubular insert with kumihimo details, diamante center with toho beadings, double matte silver rectangular frames and olive green tassels.

Nandoiro Ring Earrings - S$79

| Wabi Sabi | Collection - Cerulean blue soutache circular earrings with organic beadings, diamanté and dangling clusters of miyuki magatama beads in matching tones.

Marigold Grunge Bracelet - S$79

| Luxe Grunge | Collection - Marigold orange theme center kumihimo braiding details bracelet with silver stainless steel rings, beadings and black weaved genuine leather. Extension chain for adjustable length.

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