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Aged Rum (XO)

Straight from the French Caribbean of Martinique, aged up to 10 years. ($150 per 700ml bottle, 43% alcohol)

White Rum

White Rum

Aged up to 18 months, one glass and you're set for the night! ($105 per 1 litre bottle, 50% alcohol)

The Essence of Kay'lah

The Essence of Kay'lah

A mix of Rhum Agricole, coconut milk, vanilla beans, lime zest and spices. ($50 per 500ml bottle, 30% alcohol)

Experience the Caribbean

Experience The Caribbean

Famed for its method of production, rum Agricole can be considered a symbol of Martinique. ($50 per 500 ml bottle, 30% alcohol)

Kay'lah Cocktail

Kay'lah Cocktail

A flavorful blend of Rhum Agricole, with coconut milk, vanilla beans and an infusion of spices. ($50 per 500ml bottle, 30% alcohol)

Aged Rum (VSOP)

Straight from the French Caribbean of Martinique, aged 3-5 years. ($124 per 700ml bottle, 45% alcohol)

Sunset Wind Down

Sunset Wind Down

Unwind as the multitude of flavors tickle your senses. ($50 per 500ml bottle, 30% alcohol)

Happiness in a Glass

Happiness in a glass

This rich & sweet coctail is best consumed on the rocks. ($50 per 500ml bottle, 30% alcohol)

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